Thursday, 31 May 2012

Go, Go Garage Sales


When we decided to go on this trip, our house was chock-a-block full of stuff.

We had so much stuff and we needed money, not stuff, so we started to sell it at a Garage Sale.

It took weeks to get ready.

I helped my Mum get ready to choose my toys to sell. 

And I help my Mum put out the signs.  
We have two be very careful to look for cars.  

At the end of one Garage Sale one night, we had some bad people come along and set alight our bins and paint cans exploded they put in and it burnt the bins, and burnt the grass, and blew out the curb.

We had the fire engines, and the next day the Crime Scene Investigation CSI police come to investigate.

Mum lost her voice for a long time because it was bad smoke from the fire.  So those nasty people can hurt people and not realise, just because the are bore, or silly, or drink too much beer.

The council came and fixed the road and the curb, and we got to put our names in the wet cement with a stick.

Mum cried - she was tired, and it upset her how much damage they did - right the week the house was going to be ready to sell.

We had some free stuff for people to take, but they burnt it all.

But our dog barked and woke us up when the fire was burning.  

We gave lots of our things away too that were near the house then never got to burn.

We had 4 garage sales, we had so much stuff!  
We made a lot of money to help buy our plane tickets and things we needed for the trip too.

Have you even had a Garage Sale?

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