Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm a BIG helper - getting ready for our world trip - by a 6 / 7 year old


Most weekends, and for many months, we have people come and look at our house in case they may want to buy it.

This is called Open Inspections and they are one BIG drag.  
But we work as a team - my Mum and I - and we always make it in time for them to come and look through it.

Some of the things I do to are -

I help my Mum get the pool ready - by jumping in to get the twigs and leaves, and sometimes even a branch from the tree too.

I pick up the dog poop with a pooper scooper – yuk !!

And I clean some of the windows, the glass pool fence, and the shower screen too.
I have my own special ‘Squeegee’ to do this, and I have fun.

I vacuum, mop, and sometimes I sweep up too - as some of my jobs.

I get 7 dollars a week pocket money. 

Sometimes I pretend I am pooped out, but it is my joke to trick Mum.

Mum says I am a big help because I don’t have a dad here. 

I always help Mum because I am smart and strong.

What jobs do you do? 

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