Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ten things I can give the poor people


I came up with this all list all by myself.

These are what I think - and you might think of some more, or you might want to give different things.  

But I want to give out these things.

1. Toy Cars
Last time I gave these kids some cars to keep that were mine.
They had no toys.

2. Toy Soldiers 
I am taking a big bag to give out to the boys - maybe I have 100 to share - wow !
As long as they know we don't really fight them, but they are good to play in the dirt, and you can pretend too.

3. Lollies 
I ALWAYS bring lollies - the kids chase me and I hand them out, because sometimes they have dirty hands, and I don't let them put their hands in the bag - unless they have clean hands.

4. Food 
We sometimes go to the market and buy food to give to the poor people that can't afford to buy it. 

Their markets are not like our markets.  
Sometimes they are places on the side of the road.

5. Blankets 
If it is cold, we might buy blankets for the people who have no homes and who sleep in the streets.

6. Some of my pocket money
Sometimes we have to walk a long way, and we find really poor people, so I ask Mum if I can give them some of my pocket money.
Some old people have no teeth and ripped clothes. 
I feel sad for them.

7. Bandages & Band-aids :) 
We are going to try and raise money with our blogs to buy the bandages and walking sticks we want to give out.
We can help them and then they can feel happy.

8. A Smile!
We always smile at sad people.
I want to help them be happy.
And I have a whole bag of badges that we bought, that we can give out to people who feel a bit sad, and we can tell them we care about them.

9. Awesome Movies 
Mum has put some movies on the computer, and we are going to do movie nights with the kids under the stars. I can't wait !

10. Clothes
Last trip, I gave these villagers all my clothes I brought on the holiday - as it was our last day - it was great! 
We had more clothes at home to go back to, so Mum didn't mind.
They are good people, because they share between their village, and aren't selfish. 
They don't keep them all for themselves just so they can have a lot.
They say "how can I be happy unless my friend is happy?"

So this time we may well hand out clothes to people along our way.

What would you like to give a poor person if you met them? 

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