Thursday, 31 May 2012

Why I am blogging

Hello – I am seven, and my Mummy and I have decided we are going to go on a BIG adventure.

I love to travel.  I really, really, really, love it!!!!!

I love BIG things. And so a lot of my blog is going to be finding all the BIG things in the world!
I will take pictures as I find them.  
And I have started looking already, and we have found a lot in the last year too.

I have travelled 3 times overseas already, and we have always taken things to help the poor people.

Last time I took books and toys. 

I went to school for 1 day with the kids in Fiji. 

It was so much fun. 

I talked about Australia, and I taught them a song. 

We gave the kids reading books for their school library.

I also gave toys to a church, and I gave lollies to the kids in the villages. 

I really like it, because the kids get so excited, and I made new friends, and it makes me happy to share. 

We make our own fun, because they often have no toys. 

So I have talked with my Mum, and we have decided when we go travelling, that we are going to help people nearly every day if we can.

This blog will be part of my schooling, so I can learn to type, and improve my spelling.  I am typing most of them in Word, and because I am only seven, it can take me hours of time to make just one blog.

The kids at my current school can read these blogs too.  
And kids I meet can read them as well.

So it will be great for me to keep friends with you all this way.

Please enjoy my BIG Adventure!

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