Sunday, 24 June 2012

Acting silly in the city

Mum and I always have 'Family Day' on Sundays.
We go out and have lunch and then go exploring.

Yesterday we went to North Terrace.

Here is me on the Governor's lap, while she reads a book.

This is called a bust.  
But it is a man's head that I hid behind, and I pretended to be part of the statue.
He looks like he is sad, or like has a headache.
Or maybe he is just tired, and needed a scratch on the head!

This is a Korean display in the red room of the Art Gallery. 
He is covered in fake roses and carrying a gun.
The whole room is red - orange, so the picture looks funny.
I am being a statue like him.

These displays are hanging from wires and are all crystal and cut glass.
I climbed under one display really quickly so I am looking a bit guilty!

This is another statue at the Art Gallery.
We didn't get to take a lot of pictures as you are not allowed to touch most displays or go near them.
But I still had fun playing statues.

We want to go to many Art Galleries around the world, especially in France.

Have you ever been to an Art Gallery?

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