Sunday, 3 June 2012

What people in different countries wear

This is my friend Marissa and I dressed up at the school disco.

On Saturday night we had our school disco.

We had to dress up to represent different nationalities.

We had Indians Squaws, Chinese girls, Mexican boys, Spanish Flamenco dancers, English knights, American rappers, and lots more.

I went as an Aussie Beach Surfer Dude - cos I want to be a professional surfer when I grown up.

I have an Australian bucket hat, rashie swim top, board shorts, 
sweatband, a money belt bag, and even Aussie socks on!

So then I got talking with Mum.

And we had a great idea!

I am going to find out the traditional clothes people wear in each country we visit on our BIG trip, and I am going dress up in them. 

I might even wear a Scottish kilt - no it is not a skirt - so no laughing at me!

Finding each countries national dress will be one of the main sections of my blog (like hunting for BIG things), and also it will be good homework for me.

If I can't get to dress up myself, then I will take a photo of me with people from that country in their national dress.

This is me with my Nanny in her traditional Fiji dress.
She wore a different colour one every day.  She was always happy too.

So keep a look out for me dressed in all sorts of funny clothes!

What is your National dress?

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  1. Hello!
    It was lovely to meet you and your mum in fiji and I am so jealous that you will be doing all that travelling, you are very lucky. Kasia and I look forward to reading all about your experiences.