Thursday, 30 August 2012

Visiting the Copra Mill

Today we were special visitors to the Savusavu Copra Mill.
It closes tomorrow for three months, so we were lucky that where we are staying, that the Indian neighbour works there, and arranged for us to have a special tour.
It is a fair way out of town, so we took the bus.
When we arrived you could smell the coconuts, and we went to the factory.
First they weigh the trucks with their load.
Then we watched as they unload the dried insides of the coconuts - called flesh, from off the trucks.
It must very dry and they test this, and if it is not dry enough the farmer has to take it back and dry it more.
If it is good quality, they get more money for it.
There is a mountain of dried coconuts insides and this goes into a big machine.
It is crushed up.
Then it is heated up.
They use a big fire that was so hot we couldn’t stand too close.
This is like a big strainer.
Coconut oil comes out, and it is clear like water and it feels soft.
They put the oil in big tanks, and this is piped to ships and trucks.
It takes 1 week to fill a tank with the machines working day and night non-stop.
The left over stuff is called meal, and is put into bags to be sold to feed the animals.
I was allowed to pull the handle and fill a bag.
Mum got to sew up one of the bags.
I really enjoyed my excursion today and learnt a lot.

We saw them drying the coconuts as we drive home.
These people work hard for their little bit of money.

We took our neighbour a big bag of Australian lollies for letting us have the tour.  Lollies or candy are very expensive here (about 2 hours worth of their work pay), so it was nice to be kind to his family, and see them happy.

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  1. Louis,

    Gee, you would have learnt a lot here, better than learning at school, you get the chance to learn where the people live, how grand is that!!

    They would earn very little money too compared to Australians.