Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Life in Fiji - Funny and cute things as seen by a seven year old Australian boy

This is man is getting his drivers licence.
It is a sheet held behind him, and they take his picture and print and laminate.
It is in the middle of the bus depot!

This is a policeman - he wears a sulu

This is the market - the crabs are alive and moving and tied together and sold.
It stinks here and they have sat in the sun all day - yuk!

This is us on the bus - it is about 1 hour back and I fell asleep.  
When I woke up I was playing games with the Fijian lady.
People here are lovely and friendly and I like them.

Learning rugby with an Indian Fijian boy outside Deuba Inn
(you say it as Day-oen-bar)

One of the puppies where we were staying at Deuba Inn,
near Pacific Harbour.

This is the Miss Fiji competition - it was at the hotel near us.
The lady in the middle won and will go in the Miss World competitions.

Having a swim at The Pearl - a nice resort near us.
We only had basic accommodation but they let us swim here which is kind.

This is our room - we stayed here 3 nights near Pacific Harbour.
There were lots of geckos and some of the glass louvres were missing.
We got lots of insects inside.
Mum had to seal all the food up tightly.

I like this picture - it is workers in Suva making a roundabout.
Fiji people might be poor, but they are kind and happy.

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  1. Hi Louis!!

    The Sulu dress for the policeman is funny. Looks as though you met a lot of nice people, lucky you! Why are these Fijians in a wheelbarrow? Looks funny. Maybe that's there way of resting because they don't have anywhere else to relax. The Geckos make a lot of noise don't they, but they also keep the flies away!! So they make good room companions, hehe.

    Carina & Chris