Monday, 24 September 2012

So much to do in Fiji for a 7 year child travelling around the world

Here in Savusavu I am learning many new things 
and having and a lot of fun too.

I went to a farm 
and we went riding a long way through the coconut grove.
This is a boy in my class - it is his horse.
I have no t-shirt or shoes.
The horse only has a rope, and no blanket or saddle.

We swim in the river, and the little fishes try to bite you -
so we splashed heaps to keep them away.
We went down the river on the boat all the way to the sea.
It ran out of petrol, and the man had to use a big stick to push us back.
It was so much fun as we jumped in and out of the boat and ran along, 
and then jumped back in.

On Saturday I went to my first sailing lesson.

I also went to my first Fiji kids birthday party.

I went fishing for the first time, and caught two fish.

We fished right til dark - after school too.
We Had to let the fish go as they were little.

I get to swim in the beach out the front of our house 
with the kids next door.
Some of these kids have no parents and live all together.
We help them with food.
They help us as they walk back in the dark from town 
and they always turn up and make us feel safe.
It is safe anyway here - everyone walks.

And everyone says "Bula"!

I miss my friends back in Adelaide, 
but I am making many new friends.

I am having the BEST TIME EVER!


  1. Not bad for a novice! ^_^ It would take a miracle or it would be one of those “one in a million” chances if you did catch a gigantic fish. Just be patient, and once you learn the proper techniques, you’ll get “hooked” to it, which is good because it’s a very enriching activity!

    Melanie Daryl

  2. Hard for a seven year old to be patient - but he sure enjoys trying to catch them:) I think it is a skill boys learn, and is a lot of fun for them to try thier skills at this "sport"