Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We want to help these poor kids

On Saturday we hired a scooter,
but it broke down so we changed to a car.
It was heaps of fun, but the roads are rocky,
and I thought it was a bit like a show ride.

So we changed to a car, and it was safer,
and we drove a long way into the country.

We found a village with lots of kids I could play with.
We ran on the beach and had fun.

The people in the country don't have any shops.

The poor kids have to carry things a long way with no shoes on their feet.
It made me sad.

The men go fishing in these boats they make.

They live in old broken houses.

They have no toys, and they were old clothes.

This is the shed they use to cook coconuts.
They dry them and sell.  
But it doesn't make much money,
so they all share.

Mum and I want to help these poor people.
In 1 week we want to get a car and put clothes and food in it
and give them a big surprise.
At the top of my page you can donate to help us do this.
You can also leave a message if you want us to spend it a certain way.
Then we will blog on it so you can see their happy faces.
We hope you can help us and tell your friends.

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