Thursday, 28 March 2013

BIG Things in Ecuador, South America found by an 8 year old

So here I start to find BIG things in Ecuador .....
We have been to Ecuador 2 X so there might be a few more.

BIG Lamp, el Jardin Mall, Quito

At first we thought this was hand-wash, but now we thing it is a BIG Mouthwash, Cuenca

The BIG hands of Quito

BIG Bucks - Quito, Ecuador

BIG telephone - Quito, Ecuador

This BIG painting is the whole length of the wall and weighs over 700kg.
It is in Sucre Casa, Quito, and is a hand made carved wood frame.

This BIG climbing ball has another inside.
It is in Quito.

This is the BIGGEST church in Quito with a BIG man out the front.

This BIG egg and BIG Humming Bird are at the Equator.

This BIG Virgin statue is at the top of the Hill of Quito.
We climbed inside the ball at the base which I think is the sun.
It is based on Revelation 12 Virgin - they say it is Mary with wings?

BIG birds in Guayaquil.

A BIG monkey or Sloth in Guayaquil.

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