Friday, 12 April 2013

BIG Things in Peru found by an 8 year old who is travelling the world

Here are some of the BIG things I have found in Peru.
We visited Peru two times in 6 months, so there are a lot of things I found.

BIG Yarn. Local markets in a tiny town out of Puno.

BIG Soccer Ball, Lima

 BIG 12 angle stone. Cuzco

BIG Pan Pipe Player, Cuzco.

BIG Inca Ruins. Machu Picchu.

BIG Salt Mines. Salineras, Pre-Inc Salt Flat Mines.

BIG Drawings. Nasca Lines, Seen from air when we went in a little plane to fly over them.  

BIG Nasca Spider and Condor replicas with me in them!, Nasca.

BIG Wine Barrels, Ica.

BIG Barrel, Haunchaco.

BIG Sea Lion. This giant boy is nearly 3 metres big. Paracas/Ballestas Islands

BIG Bathtub out of El Carmen, near Chinca

BIG Bellows out of El Carmen, near Chinca

BIG Tooth and Chemist thing - I don't know the name, Chiclayo.

Revolting BIG caterpillar - about 20 cm long - on our bedroom floor in Lima.

BIG head - and my Mama - Hotel Espana, Lima

BIG romantic couple - Miraflores, Lima

BIG Peruvian horse and soldier. Lima Old City

BIG Rubber Stamp, Liam Old City

BIG Wafer Biscuit, Lima Old City

BIG Pot, Arequipa

BIG Pot, Arequipa

BIG Jesus Church front, on way to Puna.

BIG Floating Island made of reeds, Unos, Puno.

BIG Reed / straw boat, Unos, Puno

BIG Snake Head, Puno

BIG Puma, Puno

Another BIG Snake Head, Puno

BIG Frogs, Puno

BIG Condor, Puno

BIG Condor, Puno

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