Saturday, 13 April 2013

National Dress of Peru - from an 8 year old boy

Here are some of my pictures of myself and others in traditional Peruvian clothing.

This old lady hid her face as it had a big birthmark.
Black means she is married.

A lady we met in Lima.

Traditional felt hats.

Traditional of a weaving lady.

We saw many ladies in these fine stitched hats and shirts.

Wearing a poncho and Peru cap.

The ladies wear felt hats.
She can wear bright clothes if she is not married.

More traditional clothes the ladies wear.

Little kids wear knitted outfits.

I am with the ladies of Amantani.
We stayed with a family on this Island
She is in the photo.

Traditional ladies of Taquili Island.

This is a chief's cap.

the men do the knitting and dress like this in the mountains.

A few traditional pieces of clothing.

Here we get a lesson on what the men and women wear.
It is very complicated and means different things.

This is a single mans cap - you can tell by the white.
If you wear the tassel at the side you are free.
If it is at the back, you have a girlfriend or Fiancee.

This man's belt is made by the woman.
She collects her hair from birth.
She knits it into the belt.
Then she weaves a pattern.
This tells a story of the past and future.
Like how many babies she wants!

This is a chief's cap and a bag to collect coca leaves.

Me again with a chiefs hat and the coca bag.

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