Friday, 31 May 2013

BIG Things of Bolivia - things an 8 year old finds as he travels the world

We ended up in Bolivia twice.
So some pictures are a few months later on our second trip.
BIG Wine bottles. My Mum enjoying wine-tasting in Tarija.

BIG Cello - out of Tarija.

BIG Pot - there was a local drink they mixed in this.
I can't remember the name.
 can remember it had wasps in it all the time, they just scooped out - yuk!

The BIG Cristo. In Cochabamamba it is bigger than Rio de Janeiro.

BIG Metal Bible, Cochabamba at the Cristo.

BIG Ugly Metal statue, on the way to La Paz.

BIG Paintbrush. Out of La Paz.

BIG Dude with me picking his nose. Copacabana.

BIG Panpipes etc, Copacabana.

We did go to the BIGGEST Salt Flats in the World.
Here are a couple of photo's.

Them "BIG Eyes" said the Indian!
At Salt Flats, Bolivia.

BIG Peru sign - at the Bolivian / Peru border.

This BIG Bolivian fighter is at Lake Titikaka.

I forgot which Argentinian this is.
I will add that later unless some-one can tell me.
The statue is all made out of left over metal bits, cogs, chains, blades etc.
It is in La Paz.

This is the BIGGEST traffic jam  / gridlock I have been in.
It seemed to last hours on one roundabout in the centre of La Paz.
This is also, I reckon, the longest city I have seen.
It went forever as we looked at it from the top of a hill.

BIG Kettle, Sucre

BIG Teapot, Sucre

BIG Coffee Pot, Sucre

BIG Pocket Knife, Sucre

BIG Cupcake Seats, Sucre

BIG smile.
I add this little girl because she is on the streets and has to beg for money.
She has the Biggest smile and we became friends.
I bought her an ice-cream, and we used to laugh and play together every time we saw her.
We prayed for her that she will have a better life.
One day I want to help poor kids more.
I miss her.

A kinda BIG Tap, YHI hostel freezing cold pool.

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