Monday, 7 April 2014

BIG Things in Central America & Caribbean - as found by an 8 year old

BIG Things in Central America, Caribbean and Cuba - as found by an 8 year old

BIG Mobile / cell phone - Some back road of El Salvador

BIG long crisps - El Salvador (we pretended they were tongues!)

BIG Sauce bottle - El Tunco

BIG Mexican Hat - El Salvador

BIG Pommegranite - El Salvador

BIG and Super BIG Nutella Jars, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Nachos plate - just for me! Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Mortal and Pestle, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG (like the size of a sack) Nachos Chips, Antigua, Guatmala

BIG Kite. Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Coffin. This Float represents a grave / coffin of Christ 
Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Chair, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Crater. Mum inside Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

BIG stack of hats. Carried by a 2 year old boy at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

BIG rabbit? Flores, Guatemala

BIG pot, Flores, Guatemala
BIG spider, Tikal, Guatemala

BIG Grand Cenote, Tullum, Mexico

BIG Shells, Cancun, Mexico

BIG Sand castle sculpture, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

BIG Frogs, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

BIG Sombreros, Cancun, Mexico

BIG load of bags. We headed to Cuba and took 2 extra bags of food and things to give to the poor.

BIG Tiled house, Havana Cuba

BIG Flags, Havana Cuba
BIG Nougat bar for 50 cents, Santiago de Cuba - my Mum broke half her tooth off with this!

BIG Couch, Santiago de Cuba

BIG Fish, Gibara, Cuba

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